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Riive is a volunteer-led, community arts organisation, based in South-West London, run by people living with disability. We co-design and co-deliver innovative projects with a social purpose. We work with a wide-range of statutory, voluntary and business sector partners to help them experience the transformative impact of co-producing digital content grounded in lived-experience.




This group is for anyone interested in learning the absolute basics of photography in the great outdoors. All skill levels and ages welcome. We don't care if you use a smartphone, point and shoot, DSLR or GoPro strapped to your dogs head. Our volunteer photographers are on hand to provide a range of practical support.

This group is for people aged 50+ who would like to improve their digital skills in very social spaces. All skill levels welcome. Digital skills can include anything from familiarising yourself with a new mobile phone to help navigating the internet safely. Our digital skills volunteers are on-hand to provide a range of practical support.

This group is for anyone living with mental health difficulties who is interested in exploring what role photography might play in helping them document their views and experiences, challenge misconceptions, and raise awareness. All skill levels and ages welcome. This group is run by a volunteer researcher  with lived experience.



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